How payments work with Direct Debit

How payments work with Direct Debit

How and when will the initial payment be charged?

If your ticket requires an initial payment, this will be taken automatically through the Direct Debit mandate set up with your transport operator, via GoCardless. We display the initial payment amount on the order confirmation screen. As soon as you hit "Confirm and pay", your initial payment will be raised and set to be charged as soon as possible.

This typically takes a number of days to process, but you will always receive notice by email from GoCardless Ltd of any payments being made - including the expected charge date.

How and when will the monthly subscription payments be charged?

Your monthly subscription is charged on the first of the month, or closest following working day. We display when this subscription starts and how many monthly payments are involved on the order confirmation screen. As soon as you hit "Confirm and pay", your monthly subscription will be scheduled.

You will receive email confirmation from GoCardless Ltd that confirms your Direct Debit subscription. This includes a break down of the monthly charge, the number of payments, when it starts, and when it will end.

GoCardless Ltd will notify you at least 3 working days in advance of any changes to your payment date, frequency or amount.

What will I see on my bank statements?

You will see GOCARDLESS LTD on your bank statement, commonly with the name of your transport operator in the statement description.
If there is any doubt whether this charge was made by your transport operator, you can either contact your transport operator directly, or you can use this tool from GoCardless Ltd to find out more about the charge to your account:

What is a Direct Debit mandate?

A mandate is essentially permission for your transport operator to make charges using the Direct Debit scheme. A mandate alone does not set up any payments or subscriptions. We create a monthly subscription and a separate initial payment using this Direct Debit mandate, only when you have purchased a ticket (entered passenger details and hit "Confirm and pay").

Using Direct Debit to pay for your ticket means you can pay for your ticket in smaller instalments (monthly) whilst helping ensure you never overpay. It also means you can receive notifications before payments are charged and when payments fail. This helps operators and customers alike stay informed at all times.

How do I purchase my ticket using Direct Debit?

If your transport operator supports Direct Debit, you can purchase the ticket from their ticket listing. The appropriate ticket will display that it is paid in monthly instalments + initial payment. For new customers, when you hit "Buy ticket" you will be asked to setup a Direct Debit mandate with the transport operator, through  GoCardless.

Your transport operator will usually email you directly if you're an existing customer, or for new customers you may be able to get to the ticket listing via your operator's website. Contact your transport operator directly for more information.

For help on how to buy your ticket for the first time, we have a guide that includes a video of how to buy your ticket here:

How do I change my bank account?

If you have an active Direct Debit mandate in place you can change your bank account by calling GoCardless on 020 7183 8674.

If you have already cancelled your Direct Debit mandate you will need to contact your transport operator to arrange the purchase of a new ticket. This should be avoided where possible as it's not as convenient and is potentially in breach of the terms you agreed to with your transport operator.
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