How to apply a voucher code

How to apply a voucher code

If you've been given a voucher code by your transport operator, or on behalf of someone as a gift, you can apply it against a ticket purchase on the passenger portal.

To apply your voucher, select the ticket you want to purchase and complete the passenger details.

Before paying, you can enter a voucher code.

Copy and paste the voucher code sent to you, and hit the apply button. On successful application, a green tick will appear and a message confirming your discount being applied. You'll also notice the discount has been reflected on the price of the ticket. You can now enter your payment data and complete the purchase.

NOTE: For vouchers that apply the full value of the ticket, the credit card form will disappear as there is no further payment to take. Complete the transaction by hitting "Confirm & pay".

Why does it say "Invalid voucher code"?

This usually means the voucher code has not been inputted correctly. As the voucher codes can be long, we recommend you do not type this by hand, and instead copy and paste the code. This will help to ensure mistakes are avoided. When copying and pasting, please also take care to ensure the first and last characters have copied across.

NOTE: All characters in the voucher code are required, including hyphens if present.

Another reason for seeing this message could be that the voucher has already been used.

If you are confident the voucher code is inputted correctly, and it hasn't already been used, please contact

Why does it say "Full value voucher codes cannot be used with this type of ticket"?

Full value voucher codes can only be applied on tickets paid for in one instalment (by card and not by direct debit). Your voucher is valid, but it needs to be applied on a different ticket.

If your transport operator has another similar ticket listed, that does not offer instalments, you will want to select this ticket for purchase instead. When you get to the checkout, as soon as you enter the voucher code, the box for card payment will disappear and you can complete the transaction.

If your transport operator does not currently offer an alternative ticket that can be paid in one instalment (by card), you will need to contact your transport operator directly and ask them to create/list one.

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