How to buy a ticket using Direct Debit

How to buy a ticket using Direct Debit

The below video demonstrates the full journey of buying a ticket for the first time using Direct Debit; it includes registering your account, setting up your Direct Debit mandate, buying your ticket and sharing your ticket. The whole process takes less than two minutes.

If your transport operator supports it, you can pay for your ticket using monthly Direct Debit. You will know if a ticket offers Direct Debit as a form of payment as it will list that the ticket will be paid in monthly instalments and may require an initial payment also. 

If you are a brand new customer, when you hit "Buy ticket" you'll be asked to set up a Direct Debit mandate with the transport operator. You will only ever have to do this step once.

IMPORTANT: A Direct Debit mandate only gives permission to the operator to take future payment and set up subscriptions with you. If you exit the purchase process after setting up the Direct Debit mandate, you will not have a ticket and the operator will not take any payment.

The operator will only take payment / set up a subscription when you have purchased a ticket (after your initial Direct Debit mandate setup). This is where you provide the passenger name, any voucher codes if you have any and gives you an opportunity to confirm the amount payable is correct.


Where can I use my voucher code?

After initially setting up your Direct Debit mandate, you will be asked to complete the passenger details (name and photo). You will then reach the final confirmation screen that displays the full amount to be taken by Direct Debit and the details of your ticket. On this screen there is an input for your voucher code. Enter the voucher code and hit apply to see the discount applied to your Direct Debit payments. Hit "Confirm and pay" to purchase the ticket. You will now have immediate access to your ticket and the initial payment/subscription will be set up using your Direct Debit mandate.

When will payments start?

Payments are taken on the first working day of the month, and the subscription start date is listed on the payment confirmation screen. You will also receive an email from GoCardless stating when your subscription will start and end.

If your ticket requires an initial payment, it will be taken through your Direct Debit mandate as a one off payment, as soon as possible.

Please be assured that you will receive notification by email with notice of at least three working days before any payment can be charged through your Direct Debit mandate.

What happens if I cancel my Direct Debit mandate?

If you cancel your Direct Debit mandate through your bank, the transport operator will no longer have permission to raise payments or subscriptions on your account. The transport operator will receive immediate notification of this event. Doing this will void your ticket, meaning your ticket will no longer work. It will also mean if you need to use the service again, you will need to set up a new Direct Debit mandate with the operator once more and purchase a brand new ticket.

Please note, you may still be liable for the remaining balance of the ticket depending on the terms of sale with the transport operator. Please speak with your transport operator for guidance on their position.

IMPORTANT: Cancelling a Direct Debit mandate with the operator is an irreversible act and should be avoided if possible. If you need to pause or stop payments, please contact your transport operator who can do this on their end whilst still keeping the Direct Debit mandate (permission) intact.

What happens if a payment fails?

You will receive notification by email from GoCardless, as will the transport operator. You will need to contact the transport operator as soon as possible to understand the nature of failed payment and confirm when the payment can be retried. Failure to pay may result in your ticket being voided and other penalties that are left to the discretion of the transport operator. It is advised you make contact with the transport operator to resolve the situation as soon as you can.

When do I get my ticket?

Immediately. If you have not entered the passenger details (name and photo), and not confirmed the payment - you have not completed the ticket purchase. You have most likely only setup the initial Direct Debit mandate, which gives permission for the transport operator to be able to receive funds at a later date.

Following this step, you will have been invited to actually buy the ticket - this involves adding the passenger details and confirming the payment terms, which would be created using the Direct Debit mandate in place. 

To complete your ticket purchase, go through the previous step of hitting "Buy ticket" on the Passenger Portal and you will be asked to complete the passenger details. At the end, you will be emailed your ticket, and will be invited to share the ticket with the passenger. The ticket will appear in "My tickets" on the Passenger Portal. You will also receive notification from GoCardless confirming payment(s) being raised via Direct Debit.

We strongly advise you to watch the video above to see the full process of purchasing your ticket for the first time using Direct Debit.
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