How to renew a ticket

How to renew a ticket

Renewing your ticket

To renew your existing annual or term ticket, follow the link in the renewal email that should have been sent to you. Alternatively, head over to the "My tickets" section of the Passenger Portal, and hit the "renew" button on the appropriate ticket.

If you do not see a "renew" button and you haven't received a renewal email from ShuttleID, your ticket has not been flagged for renewal. This may just mean your transport operator instead requires you to purchase a ticket from their ticket listing, which is another way of renewing. If you are unsure please contact your transport operator directly.

By clicking on the renewal link in your email, or selecting renew on a ticket on "My Tickets" (see above), you can purchase a ticket for the following term - with the passenger and ticket details already pre-filled. Confirm the details on the renewal are accurate, and proceed to pay by entering your payment details and hitting the "Confirm & Pay" button.

A successful renewal will invite you to forward the ticket to the passenger as per usual means (email, WhatsApp, Messenger). Please note a renewed ticket is essentially a new ticket, and will need to be used in the new term. The previous ticket will be expired at that point and will no longer be accepted.


Why didn't I receive a renewal email?

Sometimes emails can end up in your spam folder. Make sure to double check this first. If it's still not there, your transport operator may not yet have flagged your ticket type for renewal.
It may be the case that the transport operator is planning to deal with your renewal shortly. Alternatively, they may have contacted you directly with instructions to buy tickets from their ticket listing (outside of this renewal process) - which means buying a ticket like normal. If you're still unsure, reach out to them directly to clarify.

Why don't I see a renewal button on any of my tickets?

This means your ticket is yet to be marked for renewal, or your transport operator is handling renewals with regular ticket purchases. 

It may be the case that the transport operator is planning to deal with your renewal shortly. If you're still unsure, you can reach out to your transport operator directly to clarify.

How can I renew to a different ticket type?

Your transport operator has identified the ticket they expect you to renew onto. This is usually the same service and ticket type but just for the next term.

In some cases, the service may no longer be running next term, which could be a factor if you've been assigned a ticket renewal onto a different service.

If you're unsure, it's best to contact the transport operator directly.

If your circumstances have changed and you now require a different service/ticket type, please contact the transport operator directly to discuss options.

Do I need to send the new ticket?

Yes. Your previous ticket will stop working and will no longer be accessible from the expiration date listed. Your new ticket is essentially a different ticket and is required to be sent to the passenger for use in the next term. The new ticket is only valid from start date listed on the ticket.

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