How to take and upload your passenger photo

How to take and upload your passenger photo

Taking a passenger photo
We recommend taking a new photo to ensure it's relevant and up to date.  

We're going for the "passport photo" look. The photograph should be portrait orientation - not landscape. It should include the passenger head and shoulders only, preferably against a plain background with good light.

Cameras on mobile devices are the recommend way of taking photos of the passenger as they tend to be most convenient.

Uploading a photo from your mobile device
You may find it easiest to buy tickets directly on your mobile device, as it has easy access to photos taken on your camera and can simplify the upload process.

Uploading a photo from your desktop computer
If you're purchasing the ticket on a desktop computer, you'll need to get access to a photo. This could include: 
  1. Scanning a photo
  2. Saving a photo from a social network/messaging application
  3. Saving a photo that was sent via an email attachment
  4. Using a webcam to take a photo

Help! My image is sideways!

If your passenger photo appears sideways, this is usually because the photo itself is sideways. Before uploading, you can manually rotate it using a number of methods depending on which device/system you're currently using. You may find this article helpful on how to rotate images. If you are still struggling do not worry, it is OK to upload sideways and the software will usually correct it automatically after the purchase has been completed.

Help! I've selected my photo but the confirm button is still greyed out!

This usually means you have not completed all of the other mandatory fields on the form. Please scroll up to the very top of the form and ensure every field is completed. If you are buying an ad hoc ticket (single/return/week) this means supplying the journey date - the first field in the form.

Help! I'm still stuck!

If you struggle to use computers, now might be the time to enlist the help of a friend or family. With familiarity of technology, passengers are likely to find this process straight forward. Contact for further assistance.
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